Par-3 Golf A People-Friendly Golfing Experience!
August 3, 2021
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Some people are intimidated by the rules and etiquette of golf. You should not miss out playing the great game of golf because you don’t know the rules and etiquette. At South Cove Par 3 Golf we want to help grow the game so we encourage simpler rules and golf etiquette. It’s actually pretty simple, the points below summarize the protocols of golf, with this knowledge you’re ready to play!

Make a reservation

  • Golf courses get busy so you should make a reservation in advance for your group.

How do you know whose turn it is to play?

  • The person furthest away from the hole is next to play including when putting on the green. A more informal and faster play is READY GOLF, whoever is ready informs the group he or she is ready and plays their shot
  • When starting the hole on the tee box, the person with the best score on the previous hole usually starts first or you can decide that whoever is ready to play can step up to the tee box to play.

To make the game enjoyable for everybody it’s important to avoid slow play:

  • Keep up with the pace of play of the group in front of you, try not to make the group behind you wait.
  • Walk at a reasonable speed between shots.
  • If you hit a ball and can’t find it, you only have 3 minutes to search for it. You declare your ball lost after that and play another ball at point of entry in the woods or hazard.

Respect the course, it takes a lot of work to maintain a golf course, players need to do their part to keep the course in good condition:

  • Replace Youri divots.
  • Use the containers of soil/seed mixture to fill in your divots on the tee box.
  • Rake the traps after you hit your shot, bring a rake into the bunker with you to save time. Rakes should be left either in or nearby the bunker.
  • Important to repair any pitch marks or indentations caused by the ball hitting the green. Using a tee, knife, key or repair tool, repair the mark by working the edges towards the center, without lifting the center of the mark. Don’t tear the grass. Finish by smoothing the area with a club or your foot. Try to get the area smooth enough to putt over.
  • Don’t drag your feet on the green

On the green, remember:

  • Don’t step on your fellow players putting lines — the imaginary line that connects the ball to the hole.
  • If your ball is on a player’s line, volunteer to mark the ball with a coin or ball marker.
  • Don’t talk or make any noise when your fellow player is preparing to play.
  • After everyone has putted out, immediately walk to the next tee.


  • All players need to wear appropriate clothing, jeans are not encouraged for pants and shorts should be at knee length. Please no sleeveless shirts for men. You should play with golf shoes but athletic shoes or sneakers are acceptable too.
  • If you hit a tee shot into the woods and suspect that it might be either lost or out-of-bounds, the Rules of Golf allow you to play a second or provisional ball.
  • You then have three minutes from the time you reach the spot where you suspect the ball landed to find the ball. If it is not found within that three-minute period, you must declare it lost and play your provisional ball with a one-stroke penalty
  • For safety’s sake, never hit when there’s a chance you might be able to reach the group ahead of you, and anytime you hit a shot that you think even has remote chance of hitting any other players, yell “Fore” immediately, and make a point of apologizing to any players your ball lands near.
  • Displays of frustration are one thing, but outbursts of temper are quite another. Yelling, screaming, throwing clubs or otherwise making a fool of yourself are unacceptable and, in some cases, dangerous to yourself and others.
  • As a player, you also have a responsibility to learn and understand the Rules of Golf. Five of the most common Rules are those deal with Out of Bounds, Lost balls, unplayable lies, cart paths and water hazards.
  • Finally, at the end of the round, shake hands with your fellow players, congratulate the winners, console the losers, and thank them for their company. At the end of the day, the great pleasure of the game is the time you get to spend with your friends whether old friends or new friends you just made through the game.

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